Monday, August 29, 2005

Party of Values

Democrats have been known to ask "How did a party that is filled with people with values get tagged as the party without values?"

I will attempt to answer.

First let me make something very clear. I do agree that the democrat party is mostly comprised of people with values. Therefore much of what follows applies to the party leadership and not the vast majority of party members.

1) Most Americans understand that Michael Moore is a first rate propagandist who considers the United States to be the focus of evil in the world. Yet the Democrat Party gives him an honored seat during the Democrat Convention.

2) Most Americans, democrats included, know that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are professional race hustlers. Yet these two are heroes in the Democratic Party. The rest of us are offended and tired of constantly being called racist and bigots.

3) Most Americans love a good movie and appreciate talented actors. They also would prefer that actors keep their stupid political opinions to themselves. Yet the Democrat Party embraces the likes of Sean Penn and Whoopi “foul mouth” Goldberg. So why should millions of Americans not naturally assume that the Democrat Party shares Hollywood's values.

4) Most Americans understand the need for a strong military. Yet the Democrat Party would have us believe that the UN could do a better job protecting our freedom. At best they consider any military as a necessary evil.

5) The vast majority of Americans are sickened by partial-birth abortion yet most Democrats have repeatedly voted against a ban.

I could go own but I think you get the point. Let me also stress once more that these points are aimed at the Democrat Party leadership and not the average party member.

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