Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is fishy.

Why would someone kill them self with a shotgun during a routine traffic stop?

It's not clear why 17-year-old Billey Joe Johnson was stopped in Lucedale, but authorities say the junior tailback shot himself with a shotgun after the deputy walked back to the patrol car to run a license check.
Authorities would not immediately say whether they believed the shooting was a suicide or an accident.

So it's possible that Billey Joe was going to attack the officer?

"The deputy was sitting in his patrol vehicle ... when he heard a gunshot and saw the victim laying on the ground by the driver's side door of the vehicle that Johnson was driving. A shotgun was lying on the victim," according to a statement from the George County Sheriff's Department.

How can that be? What was the deputy looking at while Billey was getting out of the car with a shotgun?

Is there a camera in the patrol car? Who owned the shotgun?

Update: The NAACP is doing independent investigation.


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