Wednesday, July 13, 2005

How to tell?

The Dailymail has a story on one of the London terrorist. Reading the story brought home a question that I and others have asked before.

How can one tell a peaceful Muslim from an Islamist terrorist?
Knowing that her son was on a trip to London "with his mates", his mother Maniza had no idea that he might have actually caused one of the blasts.
When she did not hear from her son all day, mother-of-four Mrs Hussain reported him missing to the central casualty bureau at around 10pm.

His mother didn't even know.

We really need a sure way to spot a terrorist before the bombs go off.

Perhaps this is a clue.
A friend of the family said: "His older brother was worried because Hasib seemed to be getting into some kind of gang and started wearing white robes but he decided there was no harm in him becoming religious. He didn't realise that there might have been something more sinister to it."

Beware the white robes.

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