Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Washington Times is reporting that the NAACP will continue to target private business for slavery reparations.

The NAACP will target private companies as part of its economic agenda, seeking reparations from corporations with historical ties to slavery and boycotting companies that refuse to participate in its annual business diversity report card.

NAACP interim president Dennis C. Hayes says "Absolutely, we will be pursuing reparations from companies that have historical ties to slavery and engaging all parties to come to the table,".

Mr. Hays also said "Many of the problems we have now including poverty, disparities in health care and incarcerations can be directly tied to slavery."

That's a stretch. As a matter of fact it's pure malarky. None of the specified problems have anything to do with slavery and they certainly don't have anything to do with private corporations today. As far as I'm concerned the reparations were paid in blood by over 300,000 Union Soldiers.

Apparently that doesn't satisfy the NAACP.

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